Cosmetic Consultation

    All new cosmetic patients require a consult prior to their cosmetic procedure to ensure the best possible all around care. Due to time restraints and respect for other patients' scheduled appointments, we ask that cosmetic patients return for their service. We ask that you have a specific problem area that you want to be addressed at the time of your consultation. 

    The purpose of the consult is to answer any questions regarding cosmetic procedures. When consulting with a professional for facial injectables, lasers, etc., the consult is an educational and learning opportunity for the patient. The consultation will include: a discussion of the desired results, physical examination of the area being addressed, and your skin type with appropriate recommendations. Dr. Critelli usually reserves time on Thursdays for cosmetic consultations. Friday appointments are available at our Laguna Beach Cosmetic Center - Pure Body Wellness Center.

    Cosmetic Consultations have a fee of $100.00 (this is not covered by your insurance). However, the consult fee may be applied to your cosmetic procedure. Cosmetic consults and procedures must be paid by Cash, Visa, Mastercard, or Care Credit.   A deposit is required when scheduling consultations or procedures.

    Here at Crystal Cove Dermatology Inc., we strive to help you achieve the best cosmetic skin results, while simulatenously providing excellent patient care. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation in following our office policies for cosmetic consultations.