Integrative Medicine

    The integrative practioner uses multiple treatments and modalities. They may not practice or be qualified to deliver these other modalities, but they have the knowledge and awareness of what to recommend.

    Integrative medicine is the art and science of combining multiple therapies to achieve optimal health. The patient's participation engages them in directing life style choices and empowers one in their own health maintenance.

    Integrative medicine is a different approach to health management. This approach differs slightly from traditional medicine in that it emphasizes that the patient be proactive and participate in their healthcare plan and treatment.

    The goal of integrative medicine is an individual's highest level of optimal health that can be achieved for each individual. Optimal health includes a feeling of well-being and vitality. 

    Integrative medicine emphasizes prevention and the doctor-patient relationship is more of a partnership with the patient activiely engaged in their healthcare. The quality of this doctor-patient relationship is essential in the healing process.

    Dr. Critelli has been expanding her knowledge and training in Integrative Medicine and enjoys being part of a community of integrative practioners in Pure Body Wellness Center.

    Coming Soon: Dr. Critelli's presentation on Integrative Medicine, as well as her Ebook: "Integrative Medicine and Dermatology: An Introduction."